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Today we have launched our new website which showcases the services we provide as well as emphasising the history of the company.  Check out our gallery....


With the aid of the latest in GPS tracking technology, S.& R. Smith & Son can offer our clients the ability to track their goods/vehicles 365 days per year, 24 hours a day to within a 2 meter radius anywhere in the world.

Our tracking receiver can be discreetly concealed within any type of cargo or vehicle. The receiver uses the GPS/GPRS system to calculate its position anywhere in the world accurately within 2 metres.

You can receive the position of your cargo or other information including cargo temperature, vehicle speed, engine hours, fire/security data and scheduled arrival/ departure times simply and quickly by using the internet.

As our customer we can give you visibility of your shipments progress via a password protected website from any pc connected to the internet anywhere in the world.

Knowing your shipments are being tracked 24x7 gives you peace of mind that they can be located in an instant!

Our Tracking technology is provided by Pinpointers Telematics, one of the worlds leading GPS/GPRS tracking technology providers.

Telematics & Vehicle Tracking

For more information on Telematics & Vehicle Tracking visit their website: www.pinpointers.com


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